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Water-18O (98atom% / GMP)

Dedicated Plant & Clean Environment Ensure High-Quality Water-18O

We specially designed and constructed a dedicated plant composed of an ultra-pure oxygen production unit and an isotope separation unit to produce high-quality Water-18O.

Products Information

We manufacture Water-18O according to GMP (ICHQ7).
Sterility and purity are strictly controlled throughout the manufacturing process.


Water-18O 98atom% [High enrichment]

98atom 98atom

Target Material for 18F PET Imaging

Constantly Striving for Superior Quality

Taiyo Nippon Sanso has provided continuous support for PET imaging since the early stage of development and has strived to provide the best quality cyclotron target for PET diagnostic reagent demanded by clinical sites. The result is our high quality 98atom% Water-18O, manufactured by the cryogenic distillation of ultra pure oxygen. We always lead the way in the highest quality products to fulfill the needs of the PET community.

Test Unit Specification Method
Oxygen-18O atom% ≥98 TDLAS
Oxygen-17O atom% <2 TDLAS
Oxygen-16O atom% <2 TDLAS
Appearance - Clear, Colorless No visible object Visual check
Chemical Purity % >99.99 *
Na mg/L <2 ICP-MS
Mg mg/L <1 ICP-MS
K mg/L <1 ICP-MS
Ca mg/L <1 ICP-MS
Fe mg/L <0.1 ICP-MS
Cu mg/L <1 ICP-MS
Zn mg/L <1 ICP-MS
NH4+ mg/L <1 IC
F- mg/L <1 IC
Cl- mg/L <1 IC
Br- mg/L <1 IC
NO3- mg/L <1 IC
PO43- mg/L <1 IC
SO42- mg/L <1 IC
I- mg/L <1 IC
Total Oganic Cabon mg/L <5 TOC analyxer
Conductivity mS/m <0.3 Comductivity meter
pH 5.5-8.0 pH meter
Microbial limit cfu/mL <1 Membrane filter
Pyrogenicity EU/mL <0.25 LAL


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Fuji Bldg. 5-30-9 Shiba, Minato-ku,
Tokyo 108-0014, Japan

Taiyo Nippon Sanso's Solution as a Leading Oxygen Manufacture

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